Top 3 Pricing Tips to Get a SOLD Sign on Your Property

Whether you have too much house or not enough, when you make the decision to move on, you want to be sure your home sells quickly. You want to meet your relocation goals without delay. In today’s buyer’s housing market, buyers have the upper hand. This is because there is an abundance of Tampa homes available on the market. Make yours a top choice with these three pricing tips to get that sold sign in your front yard right away:

Pitfalls of Overpricing

One of the hardest parts of selling your home is setting the price. As a seller, you have an emotional investment in the walls that have housed your family. The temptation to price the property based on what it has been worth to you can be strong. But, it’s critical that you thoroughly research the current fair market value of your home. You must the urge to price your home too high. If this happens, this is a sure-fire way to tip off buyers that you might be getting desperate. It’s unlikely that you will receive any offers that meet your steep assessment, and the ones you do get are often lower than you might have otherwise seen. Bargain hunters will sense and exploit any perceived weakness.

Making Sure the Price is Right

It’s easy to be discouraged by fair market value when you realize that your property won’t go for the amount you hoped. But, keep in mind that this is no judgment on you. The real estate market is flooded with homes for sale. So, although your don’t want to cheat yourself, your home needs to be priced to sell. The upside to this is when you sell in a buyer’s market, you will also be purchasing your new home in a buyer’s market too. Here, you will realize the savings that offset any loss on the home you just sold.

Educate Yourself

Don’t leave the pricing decision entirely up to your realtor. Take matters into your own hands with and learn how to recognize what the fair market value of your home is. Here are these easy steps to help you with this:

• Spend a few Sunday afternoons visiting Open Houses for properties in your neighborhood that share similarities with the one you’re selling. Get a sense of how those homes are priced, and keep an eye on how long it takes them to sell. This will help to guide you in your own plans.

• Check out the Multiple Listing Service, otherwise known as MLS. Follow homes for sale that resemble yours in location and size. These homes are your competition. They will give you a sense of how you’ll need to price your home in order to attract buyers.

• Talk to several Clearwater agents experienced in your local housing area. Take particular note of comments that are consistent from most or all of them. If they indicate a consensus on approximate value, steps to take to improve curb appeal, and more, you can assume that their valuable expertise is right on the mark.
Price Your Home to Sell

The toughest part of selling your home is setting a price that strikes a balance between what current market conditions will support, and how your personal investment of time and emotion is valued. Do your best to take your emotions out of the equation. Make sure your property is priced fairly, which will ensure you match up to the competition. This will help you sell your home much faster in today’s buyer’s market.

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