Tourism, real estate gun-shy as another storm season begins

Tourism and real estate officials are skittish about the upcoming [tag]hurricane season[/tag] that kicked off Thursday. After two active seasons in which two major hurricanes have affected [tag]Southwest Florida[/tag], another blow this season could spell disaster for both industries that are considered cornerstones of the region’s economy, experts said. “We are in a pretty precarious position, and for a lot of different reasons,” said Ross McIntosh, a [tag]real estate land broker[/tag] who often is called upon to make speeches about real estate trends, including an annual update. “We should be praying for a peaceful hurricane season.” Pure Sea Glass

The county’s [tag]tourism office[/tag] also is concerned about Southwest Florida being affected again from a hurricane. “Another very active hurricane season here will certainly make our job that much tougher in the future,” Collier tourism director Jack Wert said. “All we can really do is put our plans together, and try to overcome as much negative publicity as we can.” Group business at hotels — which for years has helped fill rooms during the latter part of the summer — plunged in August and September last year. Based on hotel reservations, it is expected to do the same this year. In response, the county has embarked on a marketing campaign to fill rooms during those months with family leisure visitors and in-state groups.

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