Upgraded to 2.5.1

Today I upgraded my blog to WP 2.5.1. It was almost painless. Following the instructions better would have probably made it pain free. The instructions tell you to delete certain files and not overwrite them which I ignored. Once I was done with the ftp, I could not log into wp. So, I went back and read which files and directories to delete and did that along with a new ftp session. Now that I am posting my first post though, I see other problems. 🙂

Still working …..
~problem with the editing functions. they are not there!

Making progress…
~ftp’d over the directory wp-includes/js and it works. I have no idea why this directory wasn’t there because I ftp’d the entire wp-includes directory earlier.

Oh well, all is well at least I think. I’ll be back tomorrow looking at this some more.

Many thanks to this poster:


and Adam Warner for sending me there.

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  1. Have you upgraded to 2.6.1 yet? I haven’t, and I want to know if you have found many bugs in it.

    I love WordPress, but they always are upgrading because of security reasons. I am not a techie, but you think they could come up with some plugins to secure the sites.

    It looks like you have a Solostream theme. Do you like using it?

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