Use your real estate to pay for retirement

Retire On the House : Using Real Estate To Secure Your Retirement If you or your parents own a house or condo and don’t consider it to be a “money machine,” you probably haven’t read “[tag]Retire on the House[/tag]” by [tag]Gillette Edmunds and Jim Keene[/tag]. As the authors emphasize, most homeowners look at their residences only as places to live. But in recent years, a few wise [tag]homeowners[/tag] have switched their viewpoints to understand their residences are their most profitable investments.

This amazing book reveals virtually every possible way to convert your residence into a profit-producer, even if you don’t sell it. The first chapter’s title, “[tag]Live 30 Years on Your Home Equity[/tag],” says it all. It includes a checklist of almost every method to stay in your home (if you want to) and use it to produce the income needed for retirement. Or you can sell and enjoy the profit benefits.

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