Vacation Properties Come With Extra Expenses

Real Estate Investing for Dummies Considering a [tag]vacation property[/tag]? Keep in mind that a vacation rental property has some unique [tag]expenses[/tag] that you’ll not face in your primary residence. Your cost of housing isn’t just the purchase of the land and lot, but also everything that’s in it. If you want repeat renters, then it’s got to be nice — every time. At least check out auctions/sales from used hotel furniture before heading to the new furnishings store. Some investment sales include all the furnishings so you don’t have to go shopping.

In between each rental, you’re going to have to have the dwelling cleaned out. Through the summer, unless you’ve had 12 groups of very conscientious vacationers, you’re going to have to have the place shoveled out at least a dozen times. The [tag]cleaning[/tag] is more than just what you would do to prepare for dinner guests. These guests are paying you $150 to $300 per day for a week of vacationing — it better be as clean as a brand new home. This means a gleaming kitchen and bath, fuzz-free carpeting, crystal clear windows and a fresh smell throughout.

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