What to do if your apartment is sold from under you

Landlord\'s Rights & Duties In Florida, 10E Don’t panic. Knowing [tag]your rights[/tag] can mean the difference between a few days and a few months notice to [tag]vacate your rental[/tag] — and more money back on your [tag]deposit[/tag].

[tag]Marjorie Freeman[/tag] has one more day before she has to leave her apartment. Her belongings aren’t packed and the 53-year-old curtain maker has yet to clean her [tag]Tampa, Florida[/tag] -area duplex — mainly because she’s still scrambling to find another place to live. The property’s former owner told her she would have at least 90 days to vacate when the new owner took over. Instead, she was given 30 days — the only notice required by [tag]Florida law for tenants[/tag] with a [tag]month-to-month lease[/tag].

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  1. Yes, many complications can arise when an apartment is sold and you have been happily living there for years, and all of a sudden been told to get out. I have read this book and has alot of very useful information in there.

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