Where will the teachers live?

After more than five years of rocketing [tag]housing prices[/tag], [tag]vanishing rentals[/tag] and [tag]flat wages[/tag], professionals who make up the DNA of any community – [tag]nurses, police officers, firefighters[/tag] – are getting priced out of certain Florida locales. It’s the predicament of teachers, however, that could provoke a response from state lawmakers that will be felt for years. [tag]School board[/tag]s in hothouse real estate markets in [tag]Key West[/tag], [tag]Naples[/tag] and Osceola are pushing for a measure that would give them an entree into the world of housing development. Lower Your Taxes - Big Time! : Wealth-Building, Tax Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider

Among administrators, however, [tag]dedicated teacher housing[/tag] is gaining credence as a viable solution. Already, [tag]Pinellas County[/tag] is mulling the merits of converting an old [tag]elementary school[/tag] into teacher housing. In Hillsborough, the superintendent is fielding questions from developers about building apartments for teachers above a district parking garage.

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