Win a Free Blog ~ Hosting Too!

Sounds to good to be true but I believe him. Ashley Morgan with UpstartBlogger is really going to give away a free blog. Not just any blog but a 5 character domain name blog. Go find out how, that’s what I did. And, good luck!

5 Replies to “Win a Free Blog ~ Hosting Too!”

  1. What a great giveaway. I read many different blogs but have yet to make the plunge into getting one. Couple friends of mine keep telling me that I have to get one and start blogging. I think I will cave in soon and start. Especially when there are giveaways to win…

  2. It’s always nice to win something you do not have to pay for but myself soon to have three blogs to run that might just get out of hand.

    But, thanks for letting us know about the contenst.

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